5 Best Ever Mehndi Design That We Absolutely Adore

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Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs are often incredibly popular among women and girls on Traditional Days like Diwali, Eid, Weddings, and other Indian normal celebrations. These include simple mehndi designs for the left and right hand both with the use of mehndi, where the designers create the best henna mehndi Cone and Cream.

In India, men also use mehndi as body art on auspicious occasions. But, they use it very rarely as it is not considered a men’s style statement. But, women and girls are very fond of mehndi designs. Especially in the wedding g season wedding mehndi designs are a demanding category. Mehndi designs for brides are considered as most adorable mehndi designs. In the wedding season, female fashion statements always include mehndi.

Here, we are considering the 5 best Ever mehndi designs.

1.   Floral Mehndi Design

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Image Source: K4 Fashion

Wedding Mehndi designs are very classy and beautiful designs. On wedding occasions, one can get one such floral design on their hands as they are regarded as very elegant and at the same time very poised. They are natural and eye-catching designs.

2.   Rajasthani Mehndi Design

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Indian Mehndi designs present the ancient culture of the country and one such culture is the culture of Rajasthan. It reflects old architectural designs and cultural rituals which are very attractive and hence often categorized as royal mehndi design as it is not only poised but also has a unique charm attached to it.

3.  Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Source: Shaadi Dukaan

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Arabic Mehndi designs are a mix of floral artwork along with geometrical patterns which are there for special occasions as they maximize the beauty of women on that event. Henna Mehndi’s art represents the joy of the bride on special occasions like her marriage.

4. Moroccan Mehndi Design

Image Source: Shape My Wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

These mehndi designs are absolutely adorable for fancy occasions. Moroccan mehndi design can be a mix of floral design, geometry shapes, and jewel designs and it follows a pattern from the start till the end which can be seen in the pictures below as the design itself looks lovely at glance.

5.   Indo – Western Mehndi Design

Image Source: 123 Mehndi Design

Image Source: Pinterest

Indo-western mehndi design is never taken for granted by anyone as it sort of merges the authenticity of floral Indian and elegance of western culture. These types of designs will instantly enhance your beauty. It is often done as a Backhand mehndi design which should contain a simple yet classy appeal to it.

These are some mehndi designs that enhance your beauty during special occasions like weddings. Mehndi designs should always be chosen carefully, so your hands and legs should not be seen as shabby. To enrich your look as traditional and modern, mehndi designs are extremely essential.


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