Switching from traditional weddings to virtual weddings – what would you choose?

Numerous people have fallen into a coronavirus turmoil; the “big fat Indian wedding.” Hundreds of people gather across India and overseas for dazzling multi-day marriages, which are fun, luxurious, and fuel a massive industry. Needless to say, in today’s coronavirus-affected environment, these weddings have become ominous super-spreader activities that should be avoided by everyone.

Well, what tends to happen over the next two years as we wait for everyone to get to vaccinate? And which changes will be made to Indian weddings to match the new normal? Many families have chosen the simple route and deferred their weddings in hopes of better conditions. Some marriages can still be done with the handful and their immediate families. In the meantime, some creative wedding planners have been thinking about using new technology to revive the magic of such grand Indian weddings.

  • It has been ascertained that our society genuinely supports these customs and celebrates the opportunity.
  • Family members’ involvement is much more than uniting.
  • Each relative showers the couple during their marriage with their love as well as blessings.
  • Giving the girl away which is known as kanyadan is also an important factor in the event and validates the ritual of the marriage.
  • The intended value of an Indian marriage combined with cultural values is reflected.
traditional wedding
traditional wedding
  • Technological advances made it easy for our lives to link from afar where social needs are met through zooming, living and splendid picture sharing.
  • In addition, delightful invitations are already digitally designed and presented.
  • Virtual marriages certainly have made society happy while trying to maintain social distancing.
  • Couples planning their marriages during the first six months of 2020 had already personally confronted the transition from wedding trends.


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