Unique Wedding Invitations That Your Guest Will Love

Weddings are always remembered, whether by the groom and the bride or by the guests attending. It is one of the most auspicious occasions of one’s life so it’s almost mandatory to have everything in perfect synchronisation, but one such thing that is often missed among the heavy burden of planning the perfect wedding is the invitations. The invitation ideas always have minimalist variations to them but don’t you worry about all that, as we are here to make your wedding perfect as we have selected some over-the-top unique wedding invitations idea that you will definitely want to look at.


The vintage design is what you call an evergreen authentic fine piece of art as it is classic, pretty, and stylish to top it off. It has its magnetic charm in its design as it continues to remain one of the favourite choices for Indian weddings. It is elegant and has a certain class making it overall perfect.


Caricatures are funnier animated shots of a person with their rendered features exaggerated. It is personally our favourite as it has a very cool vibe attached to it and is loved by the youth of India and is one of their favourite ways of presenting their love on the wedding card. It is uniquely funny and different from the league.


It doesn’t really matter if you are a fan of Hollywood or Bollywood, this should definitely be your ideal choice as this type of wedding card has lines from your favourite movies embedded in a funny way inside your wedding invitation eCards. It could be from a Shahrukh Khan’s movie or even from Harry Potter if you are potter’s head.


This unique style and design ditch the concept of sending a card to invite as you made a wooden plank and carve your wedding details on them and pass the wooden planks as your wedding card. These types of cards are great as you can easily preserve them, after a wedding as they are durable enough to be on your wall or in your cupboard as they are made of wooden. Not to forget they look gorgeous.


Pop-up cards are those adorable cards that pop up when you open the invitation. They are witty and adorable to top it off. The pop-ups could be caricatures as well, making the pop-up card extremely diligent and beautifully gorgeous. This is the idea you must go with if you want to light up your wedding in a humorous way.

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